A Shout Out To My Sister



My favorite picture of us, my sister and me, taken at the wedding of my oldest younger brother.

As you may notice on the sidebar of this blog page, I recently reactivated my twitter account.  Twitter is a good place to post great sentences discovered inside the many, many books I’ve read.

But not everything fits in 140 or fewer characters-limit of Twitter.

So here is a very funny, longer  passage I discovered a couple of years ago in Nathan Englander’s short story collection,”What We Talk About When We Talk About Anne Frank.” It is taken from a story titled, “Camp Sundown.” (Camp Sundown being an “elder hostel”)

“I don’t know why they call his book ‘Les Miserables’,” she says, leaning into the circle, as if sharing a secret. “As you will discover, this book is not less miserable. It is more miserable than you can imagine.”

This laugh is for you, Connie.


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2 Responses to “A Shout Out To My Sister”

  1. sj214carr Says:

    Wow, what beauties…look at all those curls and white teeth….priceless.


    Susan James Carr Wondrous Nature http://wondrousnature.com/ susan@wondrousnature.com

  2. C.C. in Annapolis Says:

    My Sister Sue has been the lamp of light and hope in the darkest journey of my life. When I was fearful -she was there- when I was hopeful we shared and laughed- and now I am triumphant. Her strength, courage and empathy – were the great motivators for me to fight on be victorious – I am eternally grateful. Connie

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