Who Moved My Jeeves?

9:00 AM, 57th Street



5:00 PM, 57th Street



The Medium is the Message


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2 Responses to “Who Moved My Jeeves?”

  1. Jim Rennert Says:

    I am glad you enjoyed seeing Think Big on 57th Street! I ended up moving it in side the walk way of 1411 Broadway (39th Street between Broadway and Fashion). The building owner had not aquired the permits necessary to place it on 57th, but he and my dealer, Cavalier Galleries (located on the 4th floor of 3W 57th) are working on it.

    • Typehype Says:

      Thank you for commenting and answering the question of the missing sculpture! I await the return of Think Big with anticipation. 57th St. isn’t the same without him. Good luck!

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