Escape From New York

roosterGet Me Out Of Here

Exactly, Mr. Rooster.

So we got in the car on Saturday morning and headed north to Connecticut. One too many ambulance sirens, blaring car stereos, fire truck horns, car alarms, bleeping police cars, idling bus engines and we just had to get away. Put our feet on some dirt and grass, instead of concrete.

Up we went to visit dear friends J & R. Sat around their kitchen table watching the bees invade the hummingbird feeder through the kitchen window. Noshed on McCoun apples, cheese, lemon scones, muffins, the ripest strawberries I’ve tasted since August. Drank coffee and petted Libby, the best dog in the world.

And just like that, all the planets fell into alignment.

With the oranges, reds and yellows intensifying under the diffused light of an overcast sky, a cool breeze rustling the leaves, lush green grass blanketing the meadows, the smell of cut wood and fresh, fresh air, we piled into the car and drove ourselves to The Scoop Barnyard.

TheScoopCTCT is so beautiful in autumn

Barns everywhere, scattered along the roadsides. Originally-built, listing to one side, missing-door barns. Also in evidence: restored barns, chicken coops, hay bales, grazing horses and goats.  Sheep on the meadow. Cows in the barn.

First, we went inside The Scoop’s cafe/shop for a taste of homemade ice cream. Homemade ice cream atop a square of pumpkin brownie.  Unbelievably good.

Afterwards, we walked around the grounds to pet some animals.

LLAMAPetted the llama

alpacaPetted the teenage alpaca

TACOPetted TACO the donkey

TAQUITOPetted TAQUITO the dwarf pony

goatsPetted the goats

This was a great animal therapy experience. I would like to own a “therapy” dwarf pony of my own. We even saw a baby Corgi. It was so small! It barked incessantly at the dwarf pony.

No wonder signs are posted all over the grounds say: NO DOGS

It was hard, after saturating ourselves in nature, to return to the city. On the ride home, Mr. NinthHouse, who lived in CT for many years, wondered why a lot of the towns in CT have the “bury” attached to their names — Waterbury, Simsbury, etc. I didn’t know, so I looked that up when I got home.

A few Connecticut facts:

CT state was founded in the early 1600s. The state’s name originated from the Indian word “Quinnehtukqut” (it means “beside the long tidal river”). Cool.

“New Haven” was named because it is located on the coast, an ideal place for trade between Boston and New Amsterdam; thus, the word “haven.”

“Bury” is derived from the English, “borough,” what the English call (or called) a town.

I’ve always regarded CT as a rather conservative state. Well, compared to New York, that is. However, this road sign seems a bit radical for a “conservative” state:

96ae6d39a321880a3d5c626313467d18I was wrong about you, Connecticut…I apologize.

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