The Canary Sings – A One-Act Play in Videos

Date of Incident: August 6, 2013

Place of Incident: The Worst Section of the Workplace

The Principles: The DODO BIRD and the CANARY 

Extras: The RED HEN; (Florence) NIGHTINGALE



The Actors: (Due to a scheduling conflict, avians of similar stripe from Central Casting play the DODO BIRD, CANARY and RED HEN in this scene).

The DODO BIRD, CANARY and RED HEN, encaged and frustrated, fall victim to the DODO’s foul mood. A dark cloud hovers above, thunder threatens.

The CANARY asks the DODO BIRD about the whereabouts of a file. The DODO BIRD withholds information from the CANARY. The CANARY is upset.

The DODO BIRD flies from her swivel chair and squawks loudly and directly in the beak of the CANARY. Feathers rustle violently.

The wary RED HEN shrinks to the sidelines, lamely hopping to and fro, unable to intervene, favoring as she is wont to do, her missing left foot.

The DODO BIRD slaps her leaden wings and tromps out of our confinement, heads for parts faraway. Years of extinction has robbed the DODO of all empathy. She will not engage.

The CANARY flees to the bird bath in the upper regions of the aviary to drink from the cool waters, attempting to calm down.




Then…(Florence) NIGHTINGALE invites the CANARY into her nest. She closes the hatch.

The CANARY’s voice, weakened for year, strengthens. The CANARY sings a plaintive lament. A tune unheard during her tenure with the DODO BIRD.

(Florence) NIGHTINGALE, a songbird with abundant EQ, listens quietly from her perch in the fragrant woodland surrounding her nest.

The CANARY breaks into fully-fledged song.




(Florence) NIGHTINGALE will help the CANARY. Oh, joy!

Thou wast not born for death, immortal Bird!

No hungry generations tread thee down;

The voice I hear this passing night was heard

In ancient days by emperor and clown:

– from Ode to the Nightingale  by John Keats


(Florence) NIGHTINGALE spreads her wings and soars to the sky, as is her right.

She works a cure. The CANARY will be released from her cruel and unjust pecking by the DODO BIRD.

(Honoring a request for anonymity, in this scene, the part of the CANARY is played by the COCKATOO)

Mid-summer, the CANARY is released from her prison. Released into the vast open field on the far side of the aviary, far far away from the squawk of the DODO BIRD.

’Tis not through envy of thy happy lot,

But being too happy in thine happiness,

That thou, light-winged Dryad of the trees,

In some melodious plot

Of beechen green, and shadows numberless,

Singest of summer in full-throated ease.

– from Ode to the Nightingale  by John Keats


The CANARY will be forever grateful to the Lady Bird with the Lamp.

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