Bowerbird Hosts Luncheon for Hummingbird

Birds of a Feather….Pecking Together…

Following up on my last post, mañana is the farewell luncheon for the Hummingbird, my soon-to-be-erstwhile coworker. Her last day is July 19th.

The Bowerbird sent out e-mail invitations last Friday, on my day off. The send-off he put together was reported in 3 different e-mails asking for a response. I responded to all 3. Yet, he still showed up at my desk around noon asking if I would be attending.

Oh, those Bowerbirds…too busy showing off to pay attention…

And get this — the company is paying for the entire luncheon. This is how they do things. The less work employees do, the more perks they bestow.

Meanwhile, the Red Hen was clucking up a storm when I reached my desk this morning. She couldn’t wait to tell me the Dodo Bird had not been invited to the Hummingbird lunch. And, boy, was the Dodo mad on Friday.

Her cackling lowered to a hum. On Friday, she reminded the Dodo Bird how much the Dodo can’t stand the Hummingbird (and has never made any effort to conceal her dislike) — which was probably why she wasn’t invited to the lunch. Even a birdbrain knows that.

But that was just a lot of suet  to the Dodo Bird. She is so perverse, she probably wanted to be invited just so she could refuse. Knowing the Dodo’s love of anything free, she probably would have gone to the luncheon anyway for the food and rolled her eyes all the way through it.

Dining with the flock, I fear, might very well resemble the video at the top of this post.

So then why did I reply “yes” to the invitation? Because to decline would mean banishment into the class of extinction, the dreaded domain of the Dodo Bird. That’s the way office politics operate.

If I stage a fly-by over the feeder and then slowly migrate back to the office, I should be okay. This bird will steel herself to confront the wrath of the Dodo Bird with nary a cuckoo or a peep…

I hope this doesn’t happen to me!!!

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One Response to “Bowerbird Hosts Luncheon for Hummingbird”

  1. maryellenlavelle Says:

    Very clever and funny. Love the avian analogies. When will you write your book? Love, ME

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