The Accidental Diet

GOOD NEWS — the Hummingbird gave notice. I can hardly believe it. On Monday, she announced to our cube hood that was her last day was a week away. After which, she quickly fled the cubicle. She returned but 15 minutes later — teary-eyed — saying her last day was NOW 2 weeks later. Administration said she had to give 2 weeks notice. Why oh why?

She’s been known to lie or change her mind or simply forget what she said. Just the week before last, she also announced that she had given notice — and that her last day was 2 weeks from today.

My sanity needed a break from that place. I’ve also been on my own all week. Mr. NinthHouse is away on business in Cupertino.

So I’ve been hanging out at night watching favorite movies I haven’t seen in a while (Cross Creek (about writer Marjorie Rawlings); The Year of Living Dangerously (one of my all time favorites – a fantastic Peter Weir film with a very young Mel Gibson — way before he flipped out); New York Stories (3 short-ish films on 1 DVD – by Scorsese [his film is the best depiction of the artist at work I’ve seen and the best of the 3 films], Coppola [Francis Ford] and Woody Allen [Woody’s is pretty funny] ); Witness (another Peter Weir film — Weir is one of my favorite directors); Five Easy Pieces; and Tender Mercies!

Today I had an incredible day of painting. 6 1/2 hours at the easel — and listening to so much music; in particular, the entire Vivaldi opera called Bajazet, which is absolutely beautiful.

As a result of this alone time, my morning routine has changed. I no longer eat breakfast. Which means I get to sleep in an extra half hour and avoid the drama queens on CBS morning news.

I’ve found doing without breakfast comes naturally to me. I’ve also stopped drinking coffee at work. I make a cup of English Breakfast tea with a tiny bit of milk in the morning and I’m satisfied until lunch.

Which got me to wondering…where did the saying “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day” come from? I’ll bet it originated from a TV ad for a cereal or dairy company in the 1960s, because it’s the advice about breakfast my mother dished out when I was a kid.

For lunch I’ll generally pick up something light at Fresh & Co. or Pret a Manger. When I was in Pret the other day, I happened to read what was printed on their lunch bag, what they’ve chosen to call a “Passion Fact.” The PF for this day was:


Ludwig Van Beethoven, the composer, insisted exactly sixty beans were counted into every cup of coffee he had.  

(They claim they use this as the barometer of measuring their ethically sourced coffee in each and every Pret de Manger cup).

That utter B.S. makes me proud to give up coffee, out of respect for Beethoven.

Anyway, I do recommend giving up breakfast if you’d like to lose a couple of pounds and who wouldn’t. Give up honey in your tea and bread for lunch. Don’t overdo it for dinner — and you can still have a cookie or two for dessert.

And lose weight 🙂

“It is advisable to dynamite one’s life at least once in a decade, just to find out what one can do without.”  

                    – Poet Ted Hughes

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2 Responses to “The Accidental Diet”

  1. maryellenlavelle Says:

    Your cubby mate is hilarious. You will be free of her at last. I pictured you painting all day and listening to fabulous music. I wish we could have met for dinner and a delicious glass of wine. This has been on my wish list for a long time. Barney is very sick and frail with extensive neurologic involvement. Your blog lifts my spirits and makes me laugh. Much Love, ME

  2. Mr. NinthHouse in Cupertino Says:

    The Hummingbird is flying the coup. Hip-hip-houray!

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