Cheap Thrills At The Plane Park

This past Satuday afternoon in Queens, I partied like a 10 year-old. And it didn’t cost a cent. It had been years since I visited the Plane Park near LaGuardia airport.

It’s so easy to do. You drive to 24th Ave. and 82nd St. in Jackson Heights. You park on a neighborhood street. Walk across the overpass arching above Grand Central Parkway. Cross at the traffic light over to the grassy field on the opposite side. Wait for the planes as they come in for a landing at LaGuardia Airport.

If you’re brave enough (i.e., brave enough to lie on your back in a public grassy area of Queens) — as in, brave enough to risk lying in who knows what may have been left behind in the grass, be it chicken bones or  broken glass or human/canine/feline fluidic emissions — if you are brave enough not to think about all that and just do it, you are in for a thrill.

Seriously, it’s so much fun.

DistantPlaneFirst, a speck of light and glint of metal in the distant sky


PlaneApproachThen the plane gets closer — you hear the roar of the engine


Plane2The roar is deafening as it passes overhead


SWPlaneA thunderous vibration infuses your body cells


SWSidewaysExhilaration overtakes you


There is nothing like it!

The emotional reaction evoked by this experience comes closest to, but doesn’t quite match in its level of intensity, this scene from the movie, Cabaret:

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2 Responses to “Cheap Thrills At The Plane Park”

  1. maryellenlavelle Says:

    I could feel the vibrations of the planes about to land. Terrific description of a JH must visit park . Never used the word fluidic !!! Please think of s
    elf publishing , your blogs are terrific. ME

  2. C.C. in Annapolis Says:

    I might just be buckled in and sittin in the tail just before touchdown~~ 🙂

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