Lunchtime Walks in the City: Make My Day

My lunch hour was abbreviated today due to a compulsory catered lunch in the conference room at work — management’s way of honoring us — even if the sandwich bread was cold and tasteless from over-refrigeration. Being a dutiful employee — i.e., eating from the tasteless spread in full view of the H.R. manager — really cut into my leisure time.

When I exited the building, the weather was so very fine, I nearly gasped. I immediately headed over to the Park for the 35 or so minutes remaining in my lunch hour.


The color red knocks me out. But when it appears in nature and with such flamboyance — as in that flaming tree pictured above — it fills me with joy and truly does “make my day.”

I didn’t expect to see anything that would top the vibrance of that tree. But look what I saw in the pond!!!


Spring is the season to breed. The geese are doing a good job of it.  How heartbreakingly cute this itty bitty baby gosling was. (Click on the photo to enlarge).

Gosling? Hey, there’s an actor called Ryan Gosling. I’ve never thought of him as being part goose. Now, that is all I will think of when I see him.


It’s illegal to fish in Central Park (probably for you own good, i.e., eating the catch). One of the men is fishing. The other seems to be texting.

What could he be typing? In the park. Soooo bored!


If only I could have joined these people on the grass and blown off work. It was such a picture perfect day.

Right before 1:00 PM. on my way back to the office, two of the women who sit next to me, were crossing over Fifth Ave. toward Central Park. What was going on here? We had all eaten lunch at the same time. Yet, they were appending an extra hour onto their lunchtime without giving it a second thought. I guess you are able to get away with that when you hardly work. Or think.

No one will miss them. Especially not me.

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