Lunchtime Walks in the City: Every Day is Earth Day in Central Park


April 22nd – Happy Earth Day!  What better place to spend it than in Central Park. At least, that was my thinking this afternoon.

Especially since there was something akin to an earthquake rattling my cubicle neighborhood this morning at work. Nasty doings by Queen PA (Passive Aggression, and not directed at me — it’s just that I was caught in the crossfire as Q directed her PA at another co-worker, who happened to have brought in a vegetarian quiche she baked yesterday to share with us). So you would think QPA would have cut her some slack, even if she was acting a little manic. I guess QPA isn’t a fan of quiche.

Get me to the Park, was what the voice inside my head was shouting. I cut out of there at noon.

The weather was a tad chilly today. In the mid-ish 50’s with an annoying blustery wind. However, once I descended the steps at Fifth Avenue and climbed down into Central Park, the wind died down somewhat.  And it was really beautiful just to be there.


A couple pushing the Spring envelope by picnicking on the grass…


The entrance to the Central Park Boathouse. Every June, my company holds their annual “Summer Party” at the boathouse. The past two years I dodged the party — either by taking the day off or ducking out on the sly. All these work parties seem like the same wedding reception repeating itself — except there is no bride and groom, no family members, no good friends to toast with, and a lousy DJ — so, who wants to go? Not me. At heart, I’m an introvert. Although I do like parties, I prefer to celebrate with those I truly like and love. I hope I can get out of it this year. Maybe I should go to Europe.


Yes, some brave souls went rowing in the pond, but they were wearing substantial outerwear. Brrrr, really, when the sun slipped behind the clouds.


Look how these tulips just sprang up in the middle of the scrub brushery…


This is Bow Bridge. From the overlook you can see Bethesda Terrace and Fountain and, after you walk across, you are close to Strawberry Fields — my goal (which is at 72nd St. and Central Park West, but inside the Park). I was moseying around on this walk, taking my time to take in the color (and not rushing, as on Friday).

I had already walked from 57th St. to 72nd St. on windy paths in the park. I checked the time on my phone — it was 12:40 P.M. Hmmm, I was a little behind schedule…


The “crossroads” – I have a notoriously bad sense of direction. I even turned on the GPS app on my phone — and I was still confused as to which way to turn.  So I looked up at the sun – always my last resort when lost.


But my attention was diverted by this rock (above). Wagner Cove? A stone staircase begins a foot or so beyond the rock and descends toward that cute tea-for-two gazebo-like structure (below). Good thing it was occupied because I would have liked to sit on one of the benches — which would have made me hopelessly late getting back to work.


Finally, I arrived at Strawberry Fields (forever)!EntranceStrawberryA quiet zone. Like the quiet car on the Metro North. Speak in your library voice (no one ever does)…


My first Robin sighting of Spring…and more gorgeous tulips!


The Dakota (below) – where John and Yoko lived (she still does) and where Rosemary’s Baby, one of my favorite films, was shot (the exterior shots of the apartment where Mia Farrow and John Cassavetes (and the witches!) lived.


Uh oh, it was 12:50! No way I was going to make it back to work on time. I started a jog down Central Park West. I made it as far as 68th St. when saw this bus stop sign. I looked down CPW. A bus was coming!


I got on.

TheBusThe bus dropped me at 57 St. and Broadway. I trotted from 8th Ave. to 7th to 6th and got to 5th at 1:10 PM. Not bad. Only 9 minutes late today!


Check out this video from the very first Earth Day – 1970. I was there!! In the crowd!! See if you can find me. I was holding a yellow rose…

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