I [heart] Autumn

My kind of weather. In the 50s, overcast or rainy. A good day to finish a book. I took a few days off from work for some much needed rest.

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I’m just about finished reading Wild by Cheryl Strayed. I have about 40 pages to go. It’s a memoir of her hike up the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT). The PCT extends from the CA-Mexico border all the way up through Oregon into Washington state. She’s hiking it to the Bridge of the Gods.

I can’t put this book down. She embarked on this extensive hike due to many personal issues, including the death of her mother at age 45. I’m impressed how she has hung on despite incredible obstacles. One of which is a severe lack of water — many of these long distance hikers sometimes do not pee all day because of their low water intake;  another is: bears. I’m deathly afraid of them.

I could never do what Cheryl did.

I am more the day hike or strolls in nature type of person. I would hate to LOSE MY TOENAILS one by one hiking hundreds of miles, which happened to Cheryl. In addition to bears, other fearsome creatures that pop up on the PCT: rattlesnakes, foxes, Big Foot, creepy drunken mountain men who come on to you.

But there are also friendly comrades encountered along the trail on the same mission as Cheryl, who become her friends. At least they do for the short span of time when they’ve all pitched their tents in the same campground.

Also, there’s the two homegrown guys from OR she hooks up with. One lives in his truck (with bookshelves lining the walls). The other, in a tepee. You gotta love “The Beaver State.”

I wouldn’t call this a contemplative type of memoir. More an odyssey of courage and fortitude. Plus, she had the distinction of being the only female hiker on the trail. Hikers give one another nicknames. Hers was the “Queen of the PCT.”

This is a fun book to read and she’s a good writer.

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Happy Autumn!

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