A Little Common Courtesy Please

Joke:            How many Alpha Men does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

Answer:       None. They’re too busy screwing everyone else.

* * *

Back in the 90’s I worked with a lawyer named Brenda who was actively involved in women’s rights issues. She also took classes in self-defense.

She gave me a couple of good tips on self-defense  and I’d like to pass this one along, since crime appears to be on the rise.

As a female, if you are ever physically accosted by an aggressive male, drop to ground, lie on your back and start kicking. Hard. The strongest parts of a woman’s body are her legs. Aim well.

Here’s another Brenda-ism from the 90’s. Next time you walk down a busy city street, try this out:

Say you are a female walking southward down a Manhattan sidewalk and a male is heading northward and coming straight at you. Take notice of who moves out of the way first.

I recently repeated this experiment to see if things had changed since the 90’s. I’m sorry to report, nine times out of ten, the woman will move first. Not only will the Alpha Male not move at all, he will continue heading straight for the woman until he’s within an inch away from her.

Even if the woman moves an inch or two to the side — in the interest of quid pro quo — the Ruler of the Universe will not budge. In his full Alpha Man-ificence, (i.e., see photo at the top of post), he will expect women to get out of his way entirely.

The financial marketeers are the worst offenders. Orating on their cell phones in midtown at the top of their voices about ALL THE BILLIONS THEY MANAGE in a display of self-aggrandizement so flagrant, it would put most people to shame. But not them.

You’d better get out of their way if you don’t want to be mowed down. Don’t expect them to look out for the other guy (or gal).

News Flash: You Don’t Own the Sidewalks!

Thanks to: http://rexwordpuzzle.blogspot.com/

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