Bach, Doo Wop, Boomtown Rats and Cadmium Red

While at the easel today, I listened to these Bach Suites for Cello back-to-back: G-major, D-minor, C-major, E-flat major, C-minor, and D-major.

(Suite 6 in D-major, played by the master, Mstislav Rostropovich).

Nothing quiets the mind and soothes the soul quite like Bach. I desperately needed a tonic, some sort of relief to lift me out of a weeks-long icky mood precipitated by Venus in retrograde.

In plain-speak, I badly needed a self-esteem boost. So, danke, Johann. Your suites for cello filled in some of the empty places.

That said, I’m not quite there yet with this painting, but I’m getting closer. Attempting to work around an insufficiently-thought-out decision to begin this painting on a grid. Now I’m stuck trying to work myself around that decision…and, being the stubborn person I am, I will keep at it until I get it where I want it to be…

Red helps. Red helps me, anyway.

Three-plus hours of painting later, the Bach suites concluded, a Doo Wop chaser was just what I needed to move forward. One of my favorites:

* * *

Because today, as we know, is Sunday. The weekend is ending!!!
* * *
* * *
Which means tomorrow is Monday — and don’t we all hate Mondays. Unless, of course, we have the day off — which we don’t.

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