Studio Envy

View from B.’s studio

My good friend, B., rents an amazing art studio in Greenpoint.

In addition to high ceilings, enormous windows and enough space to accommodate shelving, tables, a tabouret, temporary inner walls and lots of art, she needs only to turn on her heels “in the gloaming” (we both agreed we love that phrase) to catch this view .

A room of one’s own on a grand scale. Nothing like it. To get it as dirty as you want. Freedom to pull out all the stops.

I am burnt out and frustrated from a mind-numbing day, a good part of which was devoted to constructing a 6-column, multi-page chart in Microsoft Word that consisted of a list of patent applications serial numbers and filing dates, titles and inventors names, actions to be taken, due dates and entire abstracts of each application, which I had to download from the patent office website and then type into the chart in a very reduced 6-point font — oh, the minutiae, the boredom, the excruciating hours trapped in my chair.

How long, baby, how long, until I can get out of there — for good????

To lift up my spirits and free my mind — and remind myself of the person I really am and not the one I pretend to be from 9-5, M-F, I’ve made a wish list of exhibitions I would like to see before they close (perhaps, indulge in one or two items this Saturday  — we’ll be in Manhattan listening to my friend Jenny Lynn Stewart, an opera singer, sing at the library in Lincoln Center mid-afternoon.

Wish List of things I’d like to do:

1) See the Vuillard show at the Jewish Museum (I love the Nabi’s):

2) See th Klimt show at Gallerie Neue (in person, his paintings are incredible! the surface! the texture!):

3) Fontana show at Gagosian (a great inspiration to me):

4) Puryear show at McKee (he is flat out amazing):

Or pay a visit to the Buddhist temple in Chinatown and chill out for a spell (and choose a new fortune, a little rubber-banded paper containing a hexagram from the I Ching, from their bin for a mere dollar donation):

Just looking at this art has already made me feel a whole lot better!

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