Drama on 57th Street

Firefighters rinsing concrete off their boots…

  • Lots of emergency vehicles on 57th Street at lunchtime today…

  • A wall collapsed in this building under construction…

  • A special Collapse truck was on the scene to assist…

  • At first, I thought the culprit was this towering steel support armature balancing a massive crane on its upper platform…

The construction crew’s lunch hour was extended indefinitely….

  • The emergency professionals on the scene ordered a head-count of the construction workers. They were one head short.
  • As a guy at the scene told me, confidentially: “Knowing this was gonna take all day, the [missing] guy probably took off. He probably went home.”
  • It didn’t matter if he did go home. The men were ordered to dig up the concrete they had just laid, which is what these guys are doing behind the plywood panels below:

  • To make sure a body [i.e., the missing head] wasn’t buried under there.

Another NYFD shot for my cousin, Maureen…

“There are eight million stories in the naked city. This has been one of them.”

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