57th and Fifth, NYC

If you read The New York Times, especially the Style section on Sunday (or watch the style videos on their website), you may recognize the sweet man pictured above as Bill Cunningham.

I frequently see him hanging around the corner where I work — at 5th Ave. and 57th St. — shooting fashionable people as they walk by. Right after I shot this photo, we exchanged mutual big smiles and he even gave me a little wave. I’m so glad I was wearing purple patterned tights!

Two years ago, before I knew who he was, he shot my picture as I was looking in Louis Vuitton’s window (I saw him snap the shutter through the reflection in the window). I assumed he was another N.Y. photographer out on a picture-taking expedition.

Had I know who he was, I would have checked the next appearance of the Style section in The Times to see if my cobalt-blue winter coat had made the cut (I would wager, that day his subject was colorful coats — his page usually has a theme).

An acquaintance of mine once appeared on that page. She was at the New York Botanical Gardens for a gala fundraiser wearing a stunning kimono. When I saw her name beneath the photo, I was thrilled.

Not long ago, I watched a delightful documentary about this dear man (yes, if you watch it, that’s how you will feel, too) and do recommend it, particularly if you interested in fashion trends and style in this trend-setting city — and how it was he came into this profession.

He actually lived in the Carnegie Hall Towers (those marvelous apartments above Carnegie Hall and home to artists of all types for decades) and recently was forced to move (they’re being turned into luxury apartments). But the powers that be found him to another apartment in the city and it’s good to know he didn’t have to leave Manhattan.

He’s practically an institution here in New York and it was so much fun to share that little connection with him.

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