The Same Boat

From The New Yorker

We’re all in it, THAT boat.

This post is dedicated to my cousin Moe.

She applied for this job after the title company she worked for FOR YEARS went under – literally, overnight (she’s had a long career in the legal field, in addition to the aforementioned title company). Anyway, this job? She interviewed well and they hired her for an administrative position.

Not until after she was hired did they tell her she had to MAKE THE COFFEE and CLEAN THE BATHROOMS.

I am not kidding. Talk about demoralizing. After a couple of days, she gave her notice. A couple of days — she should get a medal for sticking it out THAT LONG.

Now — not only can she not find another job, she cannot collect unemployment, despite her many years at the title company — all because she resigned her position, refused to go back to THE 1950s working for this HEALTHCARE COMPANY with the FRENCH name (it starts with “Bon…”), where women have to make coffee and tidy the bowl.

If it were up to our Republican candidates — including those idiot Tea Party half-wits– those of the: oooh, let’s go back to the old days, the 1950s, where women obeyed their man and nothing was real — ¬†(and I don’t mean the nothing-is-real, as in “nothing-to-get -hung-about…Strawberry Fields forever…) – we’d all be living in Mr. Rogers’ neighborhood looking for jobs that didn’t exist, getting sloshed on Whiskey Sours, smoking too many cigarettes, swallowing diet pills and playing pinnocle ’til we dropped.

Did I neglect to mention my cousin lives “down South,” a born and bred New Yorker who relocated years ago?

To Gingrich Land…? To the land that time forgot? The land with a mortal fear of the so-called “cultural elite“? (Thanks for that nugget of asininity, Newt).

That man ain’t got no culture.

Time for us cultural elitists (those of us who read books and appreciate the arts, which is probably 75% of our country) to bale out of this SINKING BOAT.

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