Playlist for 2012 for Playtime at Home

Thinking Outside of the Box

OMG, what an annoying day at work. Talk about High School Confidential  – a cabal of office workers GOSSIPING as if their life depended on it.

Well…I came home and decided to cook and try to forget about small-minded people. Cooking, at the right time and place, is something I love doing — as long as the iPod player is cooking, too.

On the menu:

Peppers and Eggs (because in NYC, I am reunited with my beloved Italian frying peppers and thoughts of my parents’ kitchen  — Italian peppers were unknown, unfindable in my former residence, L.A.)

A hybrid recipe combining what I’d learned (by watching) as a kid and what I gleaned from Frank Pellegrino’s Rao’s Cookbook (steam the peppers and onions, instead of frying – healthier).

But…this time, I had leftover shallots, so I diced them, FRIED them in olive oil (let’s face it, a slightly browned shallot or onion is to die for), added the peppers, covered the pan and let them steam for 10 minutes.

Poured a glass of Chateau Ste. Michelle chardonnay, still in the fridge, a gift from dear friends visiting on the eve of New Year’s — unbelievably delicious.

Queued up the iPod:

Bad As Me – Tom Waits (from his new album) – INCREDIBLE!!!!

– Cracked the eggs into a bowl (as  I learned on a old Jacques Pepin video – crack them on the SIDE – no shells in the egg mixture – PERFECT!

– Next on the queue: Baby I Don’t Care – Elvis Presley  (if you think the real Elvis is the one you heard on AM radio, you are so WRONG!)

– Took out the fork (also from Jacques Pepin – use a fork, NOT a whisk, for a perfect blend) and beat the eggs…

Largo al Factotum (Figaro, Figaro, Figaro…) (Barber of Seville) – OMG, so beautiful and exciting as I beat the eggs – I add some Locatelli Romano, black pepper and a tiny pinch of salt to the egg mixture, continue beating…

– Taste the peppers – about five minutes to go…I heat a croissant in the toaster oven –  I am decadent tonight with no thoughts of calories…

Una Voce Poco Fa (also from The Barber) begins – I am enraptured!!! Ecstatic!!!

– Pour the egg mixture into the peppers and shallots, stir around gently…

– Pour more wine; Voce Poco Fa  is crescendo-ing…

– Croissant is ready – I take it out…

– Flip the peppers and eggs (I remind myself to get a stove-to-oven pan to avoid the step of “flipping”)

– from iPod player: The Barroom Girl by Chuck Wells – ahhhh, the sublime juxtaposition!!!

– Peppers and eggs are ready; slide them onto an oven-proof dish for warming up later when my man gets home from work…

– Slice open the croissant, place a couple of wedges of the peppers and eggs on top, drizzle the AMAZING “Austin’s Own” Original- Mild Barbecue sauce on top – a gift from my brother in TX and his very special S.O.

– Take a bite…and I’m in HEAVEN with scrumptiousness!!!

– suddenly, on the iPod: Be-Bop-A-Lula by Gene Vincent (which makes me think of an excellent movie scene in: The Year of Living Dangerously (a gem of a Peter Weir film) – where that song is playing, and in Saigon!!! During the war!!!

– bite into my sandwich — OMG, it is SO good..

Because the Night starts playing — no.. not Bruce Springsteen (though he wrote it, of course, propers to him…) — not Patti Smith (an amazing cover!!)… no…my favorite rendition by Natalie Merchant (10,000 Maniacs – MTV Unplugged) – if you’ve never heard it, you must find it. It’s ravishing…

– almost done with my fantastic meal…then, Airmail Special by Benny Goodman starts playing – my brother, Will, turned me on to this piece — and, what can I say? Thank you, Will! It really SENDS me!!!

Life is beautiful 🙂 and Good Night!

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