Things are looking up!

At Lety’s, a favorite local bakery here in Jackson Heights, I overheard a coffee klatch conversation today among several (I’m guessing) 70-to-80-somethings. One of the guys was trying to encourage a table of 3 ladies to attend a dance being held next Sunday at the local temple.

Guy: “It’s sponsored by the Center for Aging. You should come.”

Lady 1: “Center for Aging? Are you saying I’m old?”

Guy: “Hey, we’re all old. There’s gonna be a swing band.”

Lady 2: “I like music from the 60’s. Now that’s great music.”

Lady 3: “Do you remember the 60’s? I bet she doesn’t even remember the 60’s.”

Lady 1: “She was too strung out on LSD.”

On my way out, I glanced across the room and noticed a young guy sitting across from his girlfriend. He was wearing a black t-shirt with white letters that said:



I was reminded of my one and only visit to the Beverly Hills mall in CA some years ago. A memorable visit. An impossibly skinny blond, about 50-ish, walked by me wearing a similar black t-shirt. Except, her shirt said:



[FYI, from Urban Dictionary:  Feck: A polite and socially acceptable profanity used by the Irish.]

 — If wars were fought with words Ireland would be ruling the world.–

If only!

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