Koans for Contemplation at the End of September

Photo: by J.C.

Cause for contemplation in the coming week:

1) Should a person spend 8 hours a day in a workplace she has come to loathe?

2) Must this person endure the interminable ranting* of a desk neighbor who has a morbid need for attention just because this neighbor has a (alleged; purported; made-up, quite possibly) health issue**?

3) If this person complains to management about the neighbor’s ranting and management suggests that she try to show some “compassion” for this neighbor  — re the health issue, which this person suspects is nothing more than a foreshadowing of a lawsuit to be pursued by said neighbor if management threatens to dismiss said neighbor for totally inappropriate behavior in the office  — and this person simply cannot feign compassion she does not have, does that make this person a bad person?

4) If said desk neighbor runs a space heater under her desk during the height of summer (to further dramatize her self-proclaimed health issue), yet routinely reports to work bare-legged and wearing a tank top (in complete violation of the dress code), may this perspiring-despite-the-A/C-person assume this desk neighbor is a manipulative hypochondriac?

5) Is it possible for this person to type and hold one’s ears at the same time?

Just asking…

* Definition of ranting:

Each morning desk neighbor telephones countless people she knows: landlords, husband, workers in the office, food delivery service people, anyone suspect she may encounter in the corridor…and yells at them and threatens them with lawsuits for “doing her wrong” (i.e. from her skewed POV)…then stays on the phone anywhere from one to two hours (doing NO work, at all) and next backs up her threats by sending faxes on our legal letterhead — which is often followed by a self-pitying crying jag.

**Health Issue:

Prescription of blood-thinners for undisclosed heart ailment (sorry, no details have or will be shared by desk neighbor). However, this person has gleaned from one of desk neighbor’s countless angry phone calls to her new husband that she was instrumental in having her husband’s mother “dug up” because said mother’s death was “suspect.” Weighing in during the process of digging up the mother, desk neighbor queried her husband (another drama for another post) with intensity over the phone one morning (as I ate a muffin – gag) as to whether or not there was still evidence of “meat on the bone”).

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