Merry Christmas and Random Peace in the New Year

Poor guy

There’s an awful lot on this snowman’s plate. Carrying off the holiday window in a Jackson Heights pharmacy is challenging, to say the least, especially when competing with, say, the decorating budget of a Manhattan establishment:

Van Cleef & Arpels


Still, it’s the intention that counts. For instance, I ran across this subliminal message on the subway station floor at my stop in Queens:

I like to call it “Peace Glove”

Fallen from someone’s pocket, intentionally dropped there, who knows? But a message is there if you want to look for it.

The Mitzvah Mobile

Around Hanukkah a few weeks ago, a Mitzvah Mobile was parked at 5th and 57th, right outside the building in which my office is located. Its formidable presence (klezmer music, rabbis on loudspeakers, waving hands beckoning you inside) may have rubbed off on the attorney I work for. Above and beyond the Christmas bonus and pair of gloves he gave me, he did a mitzvah for the military (and for me, because, I must admit, it did my heart good).

He donated an undisclosed sum of money in my name so that soldiers serving in the Middle East could phone home for the holidays. A nice thing to do. (You’d think the government would fund those calls, but that’s another post, for another time…)

We have been, and still are, freezing here in New York, as many are everywhere else (well, except for my former stomping grounds in L.A. — but they are getting very wet, at the moment, so let’s wish them a swift return to non-stop sunshine and blazing heat).

The cold has not affected the fun of Christmas week from expressing itself here in the city.

One of the perks of working in Manhattan is witnessing an imaginative parade of costumes and fashion on a daily basis.

Courtesy of The N.Y. Times, click the following link for a fun peak of N.Y. style. You’ll see lots of red and, of course, the ubiquitous black — the color most New Yorkers cannot live without:

Here’s wishing one and all random peace, many cease-fires, fewer suicide bombers, and no more “my religion is better that your religion” (atheists included here, who are becoming as evangelical as, well, the evangelicals).

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