Window Shopping

My day started out just like this: Blech.

Lots of glum faces in this crowd.

But when I emerged onto the street this morning, instead of taking the 60th St. staircase on the east side of Fifth, I thought: take the 59th Street staircase, the one that opens up to a beautiful vista south of Central Park.

Gazing over the stone wall down into the park improved my mood dramatically, envious as I was of all the folks (mostly tourists, I imagined) with the freedom to lounge on a lakeside bench while the rest of us would be spending the morning shuffling papers and dodging passive-agressive asides from co-workers. Still, all that green went right to my heart.

Every single weekday morning, it takes every ounce of willpower I can muster not to hop on this bus and go for a ride — permanently.

Anyway, I crossed over 59th Street, moseyed past the Plaza Hotel and watched a nattily attired doorman hail a cab for a smartly dressed businessman lucky enough to have spent the night in this sumptuous hotel.

Then, I remembered Bergdorf’s! How could I have forgotten? This past week, overworked and exhausted, I’d been casting my eyes downward instead of “looking at the stars” (thank you, Oscar) and had forgotten all about Bergdorf’s latest, unbelievably creative window display (which they change weekly). Their artistry brings me such joy.

Since I work directly across the street from their women’s store (their other store, dedicated to the XY- chromosomed among us, is located on the east side of Fifth), there is no excuse for me not to check them out. Yet, this week, I somehow managed to overlook them.

In my next life, I’d like to come back as a Bergdorf Goodman window designer. The budget they work with and the freedom with which they create their little masterpieces (all of them are “themed”) — seems to me the greatest occupation in the world.

And the clothes! I’ll take one of each, below, size 8, please.

A recent theme featured the music of Stephen Sondheim. The back wall of the window display, above, featured ALL of Sondheim’s lyrics (remember the haunting “Send in the Clowns”? Judy Collins’ version?). The window below depicts posters from his many musicals.

Each window is like a diorama or mini-museum.

And this week, Bergdorf’s has been celebrating women.

Suffragettes. I just LOVE the suit on the left.

In another window, the New York City Ballet…and everything Balanchine.
I covet these dresses.
And for a bit of fun…Sex in the City 2 — which I plan on seeing. I saw the first one. I could use two hours of mindless escape. Desperately.

Wouldn’t you just love this job? I would.

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