Them Apples

themapplesSo, how do you like them?!

Is there a better way to celebrate autumn than to visit a cider mill?

Yes! You can visit the cider mill you used to visit as a kid. In my case, it was the Jericho Cider Mill on Long Island, which is still thriving after all these years.

CiderSignOh, the memories that visiting the mill brought back to me. Memories of all the leaves I had raked during junior high school, hoping to attract the notice of the boy who lived next door. The distant scent of burning leaves in the crisp afternoon air, mulled cider cooking on the stove, the breathtaking vibrancy of the north shore of Long Island during this time of year (of which I’ve caught a glimpse).

As a result, since moving back to New York, I have visited this mill three times.

First, it was for Cameo apples, a gallon of cider, homemade blackberry preserves and baked apple crisp.

The second time, it was for more Cameo apples and, also, some Honey Crisp (m-m-m), another gallon of cider, and two apple turnovers for the road.

This third time, the crate of Rome apples were so gorgeous and so red, it took all my willpower to resist buying some of those, too.

romeapplesBut we’d already selected a juicy group of Golden Delicious and MacIntosh, another gallon of cider, jar of Orange Marmalade (I just love it on toasted wheat English muffins), and 3 Oatmeal raisin cookies to savor later on with our evening tea.

Not to worry. It’s only November 4th. There’s still time for at least one more car ride to Long Island. I mean, how could anyone resist the charm of this little cider mill. But, I’ll have to learn to do that, eventually. Either that, or get fat.


I’d almost forgotten that today had started out on rather a wrong note.

During the past 4 days, we have been without hot water in the morning for 3 of them (h-e-l-l-o, New York apartments), which meant no wake-up shower for me, which kind of throws off my whole day.

However, many good things did happen later on, the culmination of which was our trip to the cider mill — as a sort of celebration:

1.  This morning, J.C. finally was able to process his N.Y. driver’s license at the DMV due to the arrival of the coveted social security card in the mail (in N.Y., it seems, you are either a non-person or a “person of interest,” without that card). Someday — “and that day may never come” (so said Don Corleone) — the NY DMV may permit him to actually register the car and obtain the illusive N.Y. plates. If that ever occurs, it will indeed be a joyous day.

2.  We each found a stylishly attractive winter coat at the Burlington Coat Factory, which happened to be stone’s throw from the DMV.

3.  Last night — the unexpected events of which I will describe in the next blog post — we purchased warm and waterproof winter boots at Clark’s in midtown.

4.  And just for the hell of it, we bought a snow shovel at Ace Hardware (to dig out the car if it snows during alternate-side-of-the-street-parking days) and tucked it away in the trunk.

We are so prepared.

The last bit of good news is that I emailed the go-to-adminstrator-manager person at the law firm where I used to work right before moving to CA, who thought it was “great to hear from me” and said I should call him first thing on Monday.

So…maybe a job in the offing (fingers crossed).

This little vacation we’ve been on (albeit a working vacation — many hours spent at the computer watching tutorials and honing our respective skills) — is about to soon, sigh, come to an end.

But, as I blurted out last night as we were strolling down Lexington Avenue: “Don’t you just LOVE this city? I do!”


Oh, by the way, for those of you who’d been following the saga of my Saturn, right before leaving California — guess what was forwarded in the mail to me from Sacramento, CA today?


Arrrgh….guess what, California? I don’t even miss you. So there.

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One Response to “Them Apples”

  1. kapttodd Says:

    sue z,
    that is one cruel slap in the face from california,
    you’re absolutely right-F–K ‘EM,
    do i understand you correctly?- you’re going to get FAT on apples,
    that’s a lot of f–kin’ apples,
    are these like italian pastry apples-you know, the kind JC likes…..
    the cider mill of your youth,
    god, that strips away the years,doesn’t it,
    like the carousel in
    ‘something wicked this way comes’.
    but happier…..
    outside of no hot water (you are 5th floor in NYC),
    you two sound very prepared,
    you must have been so excited
    to buy a snow shovel-
    and all your other winter gadgets,
    let it snow, let it snow, let it snow…….
    i just visit NYC,
    but i’ve been known to shout,

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