Looking Up, Down, and Sideways


I was in midtown the other day, walking down Lexington Avenue to meet J.C., who was finishing up an interview with a recruiter (which went very well!). We hooked up on the corner of 41st Street, deciding what we would do with the rest of the day.

Then, I lifted my eyes skyward. And, lo and behold, there was the Chrysler building!

Realizing that I was that close to one of my favorite buildings filled me with delight. Definitely a good omen. I’ve been doing that a lot lately, attributing deeper meaning to random sightings.

For instance, this morning I noticed a penny lying on the sidewalk, heads-up. Always a good sign. Several days ago, again, in Manhattan, I looked down at the sidewalk and  the Nine of Hearts was lying face-up right at my feet:9cups

The tarot equivalent to the Nine of hearts is the Nine of Cups (above). The Nine of Cups is know as the “wish card.”

“Nine of Cups, wish come true/What you want will come to you.”

Since our afternoon was free, we thought: let’s go look at some art. The plethora of museums and galleries (and the city’s abundant rainfall) were the prime reasons I wanted to move back to New York. So we walked up to 57th St. toward the Pace Wilderstein Gallery, which is located right off Madison Ave.

The paintings of David Hockey, an artist I admire, were on exhibit.

HockneyI sneakily shot this with my camera — please excuse the slightly skewed angle…

HockneyPtng2Again, please excuse the lopsided framing of my shot (another sneak peak)…

We fell in love with the show so much that we just had to see its companion show down in the Pace Wilderstein’s Chelsea location. A couple of sneaky shots taken by J.C., who is much better at this than I am:

Hockney1Notice Hockney’s more interesting treatment of the pathway in this exhibition….

Hockney2Such fabulous Fauve color — can’t you just feel the “presence” of Van Gogh in this work…


…and, especially  so, in this drawing, I think.

HockneydrawingThe ground strokes in this one are so like Van Gogh’s.

Which is not to say that I am in any way accusing Hockney of appropriation. To me, it feels like a homage to Van Gogh, which is sort of wonderful.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my secondhand presentation of Hockney’s work (if you live in N.Y., then, lucky you, you can visit the exhibitions in person).

** Before signing off, I’d like to send out the very best of good vibrations (and hope you will join me in doing this) for our friend, Amanda, who was hospitalized today. **

034ffd2c1fb4b1bcMay the Ojo de Venedo watch over you, Mandy.

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