I apologize for taking so long to resume my blog posts. We’ve been unpacking boxes, moving stuff around, handling all the paperwork that a move entails — so much to do. You know how it is.

To friends who have been keeping up with the blog and emailing me asking: Where are you? — please forgive the following, rather abridged, version of events that transpired after we left New Jersey:

We arrived in New York on 10/8, called a couple of real estate agencies and set up an appointment for 10/9 with a broker and found an apartment the very same day! The first good omen.

At first, he tried talking us into renting in Astoria, but we didn’t want to live in a three-family house. We preferred to be in a building.

Sunnyside Gardens had lots of appeal — leafy streets, peace and quiet, and with its very own “mews” — but, in comparison, we both fell hard for the vibrancy and animated street life of Jackson Heights.

It just so happened that our arrival date had coincided with Jackson Heights’ celebration of Diwali — an Indian holiday known as the “Festival of Light” — which takes place every year to honor the victory of good over the evil that occurs within each person.

Auspicious beginnings — and, another good omen.

diwali-lo resThat’s me, soaking up some sunshine right before we boarded the subway into Manhattan and spent the afternoon with good friends in Central Park. It felt great to be back.

CentralPark1-lo res

The very next day, on Monday — one day before the big move — we rented a cargo van and made a preliminary run out to Long Island to see where the POD had been dropped off.

There it sat, in a large parking lot, with many other POD replicas (just like in Invasion of the Body Snatchers). We loaded the van with furniture odds and ends, such as my desk and our dining room chairs. What had seemed, at first, a simple endeavor had turned into an exhausting day.

VanShot-loresA view of our street from inside the van….

On Tuesday, we returned to PODS Central with a truck and three able-bodied friends to whom we’ll be eternally grateful for the help and laughs they provided all day long.The truck was loaded within an inch of its capacity.

Later that night, we celebrated with drinks and a meal at our new favorite neighborhood restaurant: Mehjil (which, appropriately, means “gathering” in either Hindi or Urdu — not sure which).

Since we’d sold mostly all of our furniture, book and cd cases, we’ve been fantasizing about buying some comfortable chairs, maybe a sofa, and shelving that doesn’t come from Ikea…

…that is, W.W.G.J. (When We Get Jobs).

In the meantime, here’s a mini tour of the neighborhood:

Primos-loresOur go-to place for curtain rods, kitchen and hardware odds-and-ends. The secret to staying in business in Jackson Heights?

Sell everything!

Buster-loresIn keeping with that philosophy, at Casa de Buster Brown Shoes, you can buy big butt jeans direct from Colombia (a hot item here in the Heights), put in a call the Motherland, pick up a few t-shirts — and, by the way, they also sell shoes.

BabyPizza-loresSo much tastier than Gerbers…and the perfect companion to your lottery ticket purchase…

HoFlorist-loresLike I said, these stores sell everything.

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