Greetings from the Road: The Grand Canyon

An hour and a half after our rapid drive up from Flagstaff, we pulled up to the entrance of the Grand Canyon.

The sun was hanging very low in the sky.

J.C. paid the twenty-five dollar fee and briefly explained to the park ranger in the booth that he was taking photos of all the people he encountered on our cross-country drive.

Then, he asked if he could take his picture.

Park Man

The ranger peeked inside our car and asked if we were artists. He then told us about a guy who had driven up to his booth a few days before, who he believed might have been musician Chris Hillman.

“I like Chris Hillman,” he said. “He used to play with The Byrds?

“I know. I like him, too,” I chimed in. “And also Herb Peterson!” Hillman and Peterson had recorded an album together a few years back.

“Bakersfield Bound,” said the ranger, nodding — which was the title of their album.

What a fun way to connect with a stranger — through music.

Anyway, we had arrived at the Grand Canyon at the perfect time, about a half hour before sunset. As we milled around with other reverent sunset anticipators, J.C. started snapping pictures.


Those who gather at the Grand Canyon to wait for the sunset are a different breed of tourists, as we’d discovered. They speak in hushed tones.


It’s hard to do otherwise in the presence of such magnificence.


A gentle breeze blew over the massive chasm as the sun dropped lower in the sky.

And then…



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One Response to “Greetings from the Road: The Grand Canyon”

  1. grandcanyonsandy Says:

    Awesome photos! It is so true that sunset visitors are much more hushed than the daytime noisy crowds. Great story about a way to connect to a stranger, too.

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