Damn That Television

First thing  this morning, we dropped off the cable box at Time Warner. We went cold turkey. No more T.V.!

Although my viewing had dwindled down to practically nothing, at night, the T.V. always seemed to be on. Ever since T.W. granted us free Showtime, to go along with our paid-for HBO, I’d grown addicted to the presence of its nerve-jangling blare.

In no way was its noisy presence “comforting,” but it was growing dangerously close to that.

The T.V. competed for my attention like the obnoxious neighbor living in the apartment behind me, the one who will go so far as to bang on my window while repeatedly calling out my name whenever the impulse strikes.

Nobody needs two of that in her life.

The background T.V. blather — which consisted, mostly, of ads for prescription drugs, greasy hamburgers and other things that are bad for you, with a few actual shows wedged in-between  — had morphed into something much more than mere “filler.”

It had morphed into morphine.

Yet, rarely, would I give our sleek little flat screen my undivided attention. Generally, you’d find me catching up on back issues of  The New Yorker, The New York Times book review, Poets & Writers or Prevention while some dumb T.V. show simultaneously aired in the background.

Availing myself of a little light reading while the T.V. is on is something I’ve always been able to do — similar to my talent in restaurants for engaging my dinner partner in conversation, while closely following the conversation going on at the next table.

At any rate, there were only two shows that I watched with any regularity: Nurse Jackie (whose short season has already ended) and Mad Men (which is downloadable on the computer from iTunes).

Maybe you’re wondering why I just didn’t turn the T.V. off?

The answer is: because it was there.

And, now, it’s not. Actually, the TV, itself, is still there — all black and recollected, like an echo in a cave. But, the plug has been pulled.

I’ve kicked the habit!

For now. I’m hoping that I’ll stay strong and not cave when the new season of Curb Your Enthusiasm starts up on the 20th…

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One Response to “Damn That Television”

  1. Lao Lao Says:

    Great strory – I wish I could get my husband to “kick the habit”. He’s like you said, turns it on first thing in the morning whether he watches it or not. When he’s not home I get to enjoy a “no noise pollution” day. LOL

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