Mystery of the Davids Solved — Sort of…


It was well worth the return trip to see the Davids dressed in red patent leather jackets — and nothing else.

But, wait. There’s more…


Do you recognize these gentlemen? The face on the right, of course, is Michael Jackson. But, I had no idea about the other guy.

Then, one of the local schlubs, dripping sweat (the temp was 100 degrees), came strolling by. I could tell he had the lowdown and was eager to clue-in anyone in who would just ask.

When he saw me gaping at the display, he remarked, “Something else, isn’t it.”

I wasn’t sure if he was being ironical. This being L.A., you just never know what’s behind the music.

But, when he followed it up with, “And he did it all himself,” without a smirk or hint of snark — it was then that I knew he was serious.

“So, who’s the guy on the left?” I asked him, at the risk of sounding dumb or uncool or out of it.

“Norwood,” he said, with the utmost nonchalance. “He lives here.”


“Oh, huh,” I said, still clueless.

When I got home, I googled Norwood. What came up was a town in L.A., Brandy Norwood (a female and obviously not represented above), and rapper Ray J — whose surname happens to be Norwood.

Are they one in the same?

If not, then, please, enlighten me!

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