Antidote to Writers Block

From Carla Needleman’s wonderful book “The Work of Craft”:

“The need for success and the fear of failure are two aspects of the same inner attitude. For it isn’t failure that causes the sinking sensation we all know, but the fear of failure. Failure isn’t the enemy–fear is. One learns, after all, by failing. This is elementary; we all know it, except when it applies to ourselves at the moment when I fail.”


“Failure is the beginning, failure is the springboard of hope.”

A little inspiration to help silence that nagging inner critic.

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One Response to “Antidote to Writers Block”

  1. gotheca Says:


    Thanks for sharing Carla Needleman’s wonderful quote with us. Now I’ll have to go get her book!

    You might want to check out my website, where I write essays on the craft of fiction writing, at: I just wrote about writer’s block yesterday!

    all the best,
    Victoria Mixon

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